Dental Cavities

When damage from plaque bacteria passes through the outer layer of the tooth enamel and into the interior layers of the tooth, the tooth must be repaired, as it cannot do so on its own. Like rust on a car, the tooth will continue to be damaged until the decay is removed and is replaced with a filling material.

White Fillings (Composite Restorations)

The majority of fillings placed at Greenbank Dental are white composite fillings designed to closely resemble the original enamel of the tooth. These white composite fillings are bonded directly to the tooth structure and this allows them to be significantly smaller than traditional silver amalgam fillings. This is ideal for the patient, as it requires less tooth removal. White composite fillings require isolation from saliva when they are being placed. In situations where the tooth cannot be kept dry, and where aesthetics are not a concern, silver amalgam fillings may be used.