There are times when a tooth is so badly decayed, broken, or infected, that it is not possible to restore or save the tooth. In these cases, removing the tooth is the only practical thing to do for the health of the patient.

Third molars, known as wisdom teeth, often have to be removed as well. These teeth usually erupt in people between the ages of 15 and 23. However, wisdom teeth are often problematic as they become trapped behind the second molars at the back of the mouth. Unfortunately, this crowding can cause wisdom teeth to erupt at various angles, which can compromise the health of the teeth around them. Wisdom teeth can also erupt only partially, leaving half of the tooth still covered by gum and bone tissues. In these cases, it is common for food and plaque to get trapped around the wisdom tooth, and may cause a cavity, localized inflammation, and infection.

Using modern anaesthetics, tooth extraction can be very comfortable. Patients who are apprehensive about extraction will be relieved to know that our office offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral, and IV conscious sedation.